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Re: Fetchmail/procmail

I have procmail working now but everyonce in a while it says that it cant
get the lock /var/spool/mail/jasonlck.  Do you know why??  Can I fix it??

On Tue, 18 Feb 1997, Kevin M. Bealer wrote:

>Jason Killen wrote:
>>Thanks for the pointer on fetchmail.
>>The part about having procmail send the mail to an intermediate mail box
>>is intresting and a little over my head (I don't know much about procmail,
>>just a sweep of the man pages.) but I will try to work things out.
>>Thanks a lot.
>>On Wed, 12 Feb 1997, Behan Webster wrote:
>>Jason Killen                            Question Stupidity
>>Monolith : driven by inner daemons      "My thoughts of despair are getting
>>jkillen@tinuviel.cs.wcu.edu               loud."   --Social D.
>If you are loosing mail, you might want to look in the /var/spool/mail
>directory.  I don't remember what I did wrong, but earlier this year I
>had a configuration problem and my mail ended up there with the user
>name of "nobody".  I wish I could remember what I did to fix it (it
>works now).  I think I had a problem with the ".procmailrc" and I
>scrapped it and wrote another one (the old one had gotten a lot of
>junk in it anyway.)  After this everything went fine.
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Jason Killen                            Question Stupidity
Monolith : driven by inner daemons      "My thoughts of despair are getting
jkillen@tinuviel.cs.wcu.edu               loud."   --Social D.


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