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Re: Debian on the shuttle

> Why does everyone keep saying that X should look like Win 95.  I don't want

This I totally disagree!!!  I'd rather prefer X to work more 
like OS/2 :P.  AFAIK, win95's interface is not as Object-
Oriented (OO) as M$ has claimed.  OS/2 users should know.

I particularly find win95 difficult to use (I might be from
another planet but I do find it awkward).

> to get into a shouting match about which is easer to use and those people
> who like the Win 95 look and feel can stick with it.  I just don't like 
> the fact that some people feel we should masqurade(?), I feel we should give
> the option of looking like 95 but is looking like 95 that big of a deal.

That's what X is all about... YOU CHOOSE YOUR FEEL!!  
May your preference be twm/mwm/fvwm/ and the list continues...
X is about flexibility.  That's why I only have linux on all 
my working boxes. :)

> I guess my tiff is not with the people working on making X look like 95 but
> more with people who compare all operating systems and user interfaces with
> Win 95.
I got fvwm95 for a moment but turned back to fvwm2 very
soon.  If you'd ask, I'll say that there really is no
advantage the 95-like interface have over conventional
fvwm2 (no flames intended).  It does, however, proof how 
"customisable" our OS is over some M$-hype.  It may also
help newly converted win95 users to feel at home.

Just me,
Wire ...

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