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Re: debian-newbie list

Related idea:
I'm thinking about working on the FAQ this weekend, and one thing I'd
like to do is to break it up into at least two parts:
--one which is general, and 
--one which focusses only on dselect and dpkg.

Of course, we could break it up further.  For example, we could have 
--an FAQ on installation and booting, and 
--an FAQ on using the Debian archives.  
--an FAQ on other Debian utilities or Debian practices.
--an FAQ on printing and text utilities
--an FAQ on TCP/IP problems, including PPP.

>From my posts on other lists, one would also conclude that I believe
we also need
--an FAQ on package development.

An argument could be made that it might be a good idea to have user 
lists that were broken up along the same lines as the FAQs.

Susan Kleinmann

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