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Re: debian-newbie list

> This is a good idea, because a number of people have told me they
> find the prospect of posting to debian-user intimidating, because they
> expect to be flamed to a cinder by others on the list. Now, it's not
> nearly that bad, but I understand where they are coming from.
> 	Bruce
> --

So far, I can't say enough how helpful folks have been on this list.  
I only wish I could contribute in some small way.  Which, I guess I 
try to do by living off of unstable.  If my machine goes down, no 
biggie, however, my lack of understanding, at times might frustrate 
more experienced users.  Perhaps I should re-phrase that, my 
inability to be very specific about just what is wrong, and what I've 
tried, to remedy the situation, could peeve people off.  

I do realize that the developers need the feedback, from as many 
different types of H/W and S/W combinations as possible.  Therefore, 
I will continue what I'm doing, I'm learning a whole lot, and 
so far no one has told me to RTFM. :-)   

I just think it might be a little more comfortable for complete 
novices to have a group which is *specifically ready to 
hear*...."uhhhhh, whats dpkg," perhaps it would allow a series of 
"canned responses" to be drafted for these common questions.

I'm new to the Linux community and Debian, but to me, it seems like 
Linux and Debian are just on the cusp of wide acceptance.  Some of 
you veterans better get ready for the "army of the clueless" which has 
yet to join the ranks.  I guess I'll lump myself in that group, for 
now! :-)  I'll try to learn from the veterans what it took to get the 
Linux community to this point(co-operation, volunteers, sweat, blood 
and tears) and continue in the same vein.  Yeah, I want to make some 
money out of this in the _long run_(a new job), but I'll try and 
maintain a balance.

Sorry for ramblin'  
<from the wings> shoot 'im now, shoot 'im now</>

Rich M

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