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Re: Gnu C manual && Gdb warning

On Thu, 20 Feb 1997, Jonathan Lawson wrote:

> Script started on Thu Feb 20 10:36:52 1997
> Hi,
>    Does anyone know where I can get a copy of the "GNU C Manual"? I 
> would really like to take a look at it .   Secondly, I get the 
> following (underlisted) error from Gdb, I wonder if anyone knows of a
> way to set things right. 

If you are interested in getting printed documentation for GNU CC,
the GNU C Library Reference Manual and Debugging with GDB, I highly
recommend that you visit the http://www.gnu.ai.mit.edu site to obtain
the order form and prices for these manuals.   Then phone up FSF and place
your order.  I did this and received some very professional manuals and
also had the satisfaction of providing some monetary support for the
FSF organization in the process.

Best regards,

Nick Busigin     <Sent from my Debian/GNU Linux Machine>    nick@xwing.org

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