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Re: /dev/tape: No such device (the solution!)

In article <199702241257.NAA11036@hamster.appl-math.tu-muenchen.de>,
myself <spiegl@appl-math.tu-muenchen.de> wrote:
>I've got a little problem with the scsi tape module (st.o):
>Everything is fine, when I turn on the streamer before the
>computer and when I don't unload the driver manually (rmmod st).
>But if I turn on the streamer after the computer I get:
> /dev/tape: No such device
>whenever I try to access the tape (through /dev/tape as a link
>to /dev/nst0 or 7dev/st0).  Is this normal?  Do I really have to
>reboot when I want to make a backup, ie. want to use the tape drive?
>Thanks a lot in advance,
> Andy.
>PS: Running debian 1.4, and kerneld, ie. "auto" in /etc/modules.

Thanks to all that responded so fast!  Here is the solution, sent to
me by Stoyan Kenderov:

What you want Andy, is that the kernel constantly scans the SCSI bus for new
devices. But apart from beeing not that easy to implement it is
(imagine you plug in a new HDD and unplug the old one, which device name
should obtain the old one after reconnection :-) 

The  Linux kernel is able to rescan the SCSI-bus at run-time (normaly it
does so once at boot time only)

Therefore you should do the following as root, before insmoding (or
executing someting on the /dev/tape device, e.g. tar, cpio)

echo "scsi rescan singledevice 0 0 4 0" > /proc/scsi/scsi
     I am sorry, but you have to check
     out the right string, because
     I don't have my Linux-box at hand
     right now.


So if your SCSI-Tape has the SCSI-ID: 5 and is connected to your first
SCSI-Adapter, then you should use "0 0 5 0" above...

Then the insmod st.o will work and everything else on the device /dev/tape
too. (/dev/tape is naturally a link to /dev/st0 or /dev/nst0)

Thanks to all again,
 Andy Spiegl, PhD Student, Technical University, Muenchen, Germany
 E-Mail: spiegl@Appl-Math.TU-Muenchen.de
 URL:    http://www.appl-math.tu-muenchen.de/~spiegl

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