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Adaptec 2482 versus Debian 1.2.5

Perhaps this is old news, but I thought I'd pass it on just in case.

I recently upgraded to linux kernel 2.0.27 (using Debian 1.2.5) from
linux 2.0.7.  The distribution kernel image panicked at boot: right
after the (normal) scsi bus reset it generated a "spurious interrupt"
and never regained its composure.

My next step (after rebooting 2.0.7 and watching fsck work) was to
compile a custom kernel with support for the Adaptec controller in the
kernel.  This booted fine.

The important difference I can think of between the distribution
kernel and my custom kernel is that the distribution kernel likely
loads the scsi driver as a module (after booting part way from a RAM
disk), whereas my custom kernel compiles the scsi driver into the

I understand that a generic distribution kernel should load unusual
drivers and options as modules to keep the size of the kernel
manageable.  I guess there needs to be a work-around when touchy
hardware (e.g. scsi controllers) fails to work with a module-loaded

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