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Re: Debian on the shuttle

>  It is possible to build an operating system from software which
>  is available from ftp/web sites around the world.  Typically
>  one starts with the Linux kernel and adds GNU utilities and
>  compiler.  However, building an functional operating system
>  from workable parts can be an enormous task for non-experts.
>  Fortunately, a team of 200 persons from around the world collaborating
>  via the internet has assembled an working operating system from
>  these freely available peices and developed a simple installation
>  procedure. The result is the Debian GNU/Linux operating system.

This would be a good paragraph to put in an article, not a press release.

Also, while it is possible to build an OS as you describe, the person who
would even _consider_ doing so is way out of the target audience of 99%
of computer magazines. Let's not shoot over their heads and confuse them.


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