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[REVIEW]: [REVIEW] "Linux in a Nutshell"

Sorry everybody, but I just _have_ to join the shameless plugging, 
as I too am very enthousiastic about this book.

Paul Seelig wrote about "Linux in a Nutshell":

>It is by no means suitable for the beginner

But I think it _is_. 

Sorry to waste bandwith on a not-strictly-Debian subject, but this book 
answers a lot of not-strictly-Debian questions on the list. If more people 
read it, there would be less not-strictly-Debian questions and hopefully 
more answers in general.
I think that if you're a beginner to Linux and you installed it for keeps, 
it is a very good idea to get this book.

>    "[...]  With 'Linux in a Nutshell', we have thoroughly updated and
>    adapted 'UNIX   in a Nutshell' for  Linux.   Not only  that, we've
>    produced a book that many other UNIX users  will want too, because
>    for the first time this  reference work covers the tolls  produced 
                                                        ^^^^^ <grin, sorry>
>    by the FSF for the GNU project.  GNU tools are popular on a lot of
>    UNIX systems, so   you may be  using  them even  if  you don't run
>    Linux." (p. 3)

> PS: I supposed the book still contains some errors which i have not
>   detected being no Unix or Linux geek at all. 

Well, dpkg(8) is missing, but that's actually not a toll: everytime it gets upgraded 
you have to print the manpage yourself and fold it into the book.  :-)  



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