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Re: /usr/include/linux, /usr/include/asm, ...

On Feb 18, Hamish Moffatt wrote
> > 	So, what else are the links good for? Most programs do not
> >  (and should not) depend on kernel version specific api's; and the
> >  handful that do should ask for and include -I/usr/src/linux anyway. 
> Has anyone had any luck compiling (z)ftape 3.02 on debian, then?
> I've tried, but it (reasonably) requires current kernel headers,
> and despite adding the above to several Makefiles, it still
> does not look in /usr/src/linux first.
> Besides, the gcc manual page says:

Like most GNU manpages, it says: refer to the info version for up to date /
more complete information. There you find

	-isystem dir 
	   Add a directory to the beginning of the second include path, 
	   marking it as a system directory, so that it gets the same 
	   special treatment as is applied to the standard system 
	   Do not search the standard system directories for header files. 
	   Only the directories you have specified with `-I' options (and 
	   the current directory, if appropriate) are searched. See section 
	   Options for Directory Search, for information on `-I'. By using 
	   both `-nostdinc' and `-I-', you can limit the include-file search 
	   path to only those directories you specify explicitly. 

Which should provide you with the control needed.

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