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Re: Debian installation

> > This assertion is incorrect.  If you want extended partitions, in either
> > dos or linux, the 4th primary partition is labeled "extended" and
> > the partition information for the extended partitions and the extended 
> > partitions themselves are contained within /dev/hda4.
> Then how come the kernel says something like hda1, hda2 <hda5,hda6>
> shouldn't it be hda1, hda4 <hda5,hda6> I take this to mean I have primary 
> on hda1 and an extended on hda2 with logical hda5, and hda6 in it. (or 
> something like that language, not sure on the extended/logical thing).

Yes, you're right.  Rather than saying "the 4th primary partition" I should
have said "one of the 4 primary partitions".
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