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Re: Intranet

>Can I have the Linux beast connected directly to the Mac toy with a single
>rj45 cable or do I need a hub. (I know about the ethernet cards)

I think you need to use ethertalk not localtalk but I'm not positive.

You can connect two computers (in this case the linux box and *one* Mac)
with a rj45 cable but you need to make it a null cable so that the send &
recieve wires cross.  If you want all 5 macs and the linux box connected
you must use a hub or 10base2 (coax).

>I also want to have one modem connected to the Linux beast so the others
>can acces the web through the Linux beast.

Yep this works fine though you will either need to get a valid subnet from
your provider and setup routing or you will need to setup a proxy

>I would also like to know if I really need any other software.

If the mac are running pre System 7.5 you will need to get a copy of
MacTCP.  Normally it costs the same to buy System 7.5 as it does to buy
MacTCP so we normally recommend upgrading the System software unless it's
an old Mac and doesn't have enough resources to run System 7.5.

>We are running on broken shoe strings and we need to prepare the youth of
>today for the technologies of tommorrow.

Linux is a good way to go then ;-)


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