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Re: IMPORTANT: RSA Data Security Challenge participants please read

"Jens B. Jorgensen" <jjorgens@bdsinc.com> writes:

> Yeah. If the folks at gzero.net will add the numbers from
> debian@debian.org to linux@linuxnet.org then why would we want to
> change?! I think that is all the more reason *not* to change because
> we can help the greater cause while at the same time getting airplay
> for Debian?

Because it'll still look like we're competiting with linuxnet (well,
not we - I've been running as linuxnet and I'm going to continue doing
so). It wouldn't be a bad idea if the Linux community tried to look
just a bit unified in things like this.

Juri Pakaste/Juri.Pakaste@Helsinki.FI 

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