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Re: Debian install tkdesk etc...

:I installed Debian from Infomagic winter edition.
:Dselect worked properly, except it did not configure/install
:4 packages. Two of them I mention here:
:tkdesk. The complain is that it depends on xlib.
:motifnls. The complain is that it depends on xbaseR6.

I've got the very same package and some of the dependencies in that 
cut seem to be leftovers from earlier versions (ie gets the name wrong),
probably corrected in the never distributions.

Try to 'dpkg -i --force-depends /path/to/the/package.deb'
the motifnls and tkdesk packages. At least the motifnls should
be OK this way, since you did have X installed. The tkdesk should
be OK too, I've got it working here... (1.2 from Infomagic Dec '96)

:Now looking at the directories I see that X11/X11R6 is installed.
:I tried ghostview and it works properly.
:I even looked at the ftp site and saw that xlib6 depend on libc5.
:I ftpd and unzipped the latest libc5 library. I still have the
:  What to do? (ftp on debian is not yet installed. for that I still
:use Slackware.)

You might need to get rid of the libc5 you installed and get the 
corresponding .deb package and install that one with dpkg so Debian
will know whats installed (if you by unzipping do not mean installing
with dpkg...) 

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