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RE: DepenGNUian Logo

Clemmitt Sigler wrote:

>In article <87wws32zo1.fsf@uiuc.edu>, miller5@uiuc.edu writes:
>> >>>>> "daniel" == Daniel Robbins <drobbins@unm.edu> writes:
>>     > OK, ok, the penguin's a jewel thief, and he's evil.  But he
>>     > has funny little beady eyes, and that's got to count for
>>     > something.
>> I think Gromit would be a better mascot.  Ultimately he was much
>> more resourceful and capable than de penguin.
>We may be onto something here!  Maybe Debian can be thought of
>as the distribution that zags (Grommit) when everybody else
>zigs (penguins).  Any comment?

Only problem (besides copyright issues) is the obvious negative
association `Debian: runs like a dog'.


Casper Boden-Cummins.

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