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Directory structure at Debian

I've been a user of Debian for 6 months or so now - including a sucessfull
upgrade to 1.2 via ftp and a \HUGE stack of floppies, but I still have
great problems understanding what all the directories on the ftp sites

Could anyone tell me what the rex-updates and rex-fixed directories are
for? I would have assumed that any packages with serious bugs would be
fixed in the standard rex...  If not, what is rex still there for with
'broken' packages in it? And what happens when you replace your 'rex'
packages file with the 'rex-fixed' one - Does it tell you you need to
upgrade all your packages to rex-fixed level? 

It would seem simpler to me if we just had two directories containing the
base, x11, non-free, contrib, etc directories: Debian-1.2, which is
'fixed' of important bugs as they are cleared and would be used by almost
every 'user', and Debian-1.2-devel, which contains the most up-do-date
working release of each package, for use by 'developers'. 

Then you install just one of two package.gz files - one for the fixed
version which changes infrequently, and one for those cutting edge
Debianites who want the latest of everything. Of course you could also
install any devel packages individually as needed.

OK, you would probably need other directories for unstable/experimental
work, but most of us could ignore these.


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