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Re: Hypernews (was Re: debian-newbie list)

> > > Second, we need a person who edits all of the questions and answers into a
> > > web tree. The web tree should be orgnanized by package or something, and
> > > then under the package name you see a big list of questions and click on
> > > them to see tha answers.

> I was thinking that this would be a good thing to add to dwww (as an external
> link).  Unfortunately, dwww (which I am furiously working away on) probably
> won't be in any shape to support this for a few months.
> My concept is:  when requesting help on a topic, dwww would identify which
> package the topic belongs too.  Then, via a plug-in interface, other routines
> could add additional text and links to the page returned by the search engine.
> One of the plug-ins could be a link to a HyperNews archive.
> I am very interested in doing this.  I am even willing to contribute space
> on the dwww web server ( http://dwww.jimpick.com/ ) which I own.
> Maybe we don't have to wait until I get around to fixing up dwww.  If someone
> is willing to do the work, I can provide an account and space on my server
> so that HyperNews could be set up and the proper heirarchy created.  Send me 
> some e-mail if you are interested.

Unfortunately, I don't have any experience with HyperNews, but I am
interested in contributing to this project.

Please let me know if there is something I can do to assist.

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