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Re: /usr/include/linux, /usr/include/asm, ...

Manoj Srivastava typed:
> Hi,
> 	I'll reverse the question: why are you using the links?
>  The links are ignored anyway while compiling the kernel, so that's
>  not it. However, you may totally confuse some other program (during
>  compilation) that does not expect changes that are made in the kernel
>  includes. You see, changes may be made in kernel headers in concert
>  with other include files, which have not been upgraded, files that
>  are not required for kernel builds, but may be required for package
>  XYZ. 
The links being ignored is interesting.  I guess you mean the links are not
neccessary due to an -I/usr/src/linux/include type parameter being used with

The reason why *I* need the symlinks in is for my specific circumstances. 
For those that don't understand what the bunch of letters after my name (or
even the ones after Bruce's) I'm a radio amateur.  There is a flurry of
activity going on here, as we build a lot of things, new protocols included,
for use in amateur radio.  This usually means the tools need to be upgraded
every 8 patch levels or so.  Naturally, I'm talking about 2.1.x kernels.

> 	So, what else are the links good for? Most programs do not
>  (and should not) depend on kernel version specific api's; and the
>  handful that do should ask for and include -I/usr/src/linux anyway. 

What is the "Linux position" on asking to use /usr/src/linux includes?  If
this is the way things are going, can you point me to a reference of this? 
For example, where is the canned reply from?

I'll let the people on linux-hams know this may be something we need to look
at, it will at least draw some discussion there.

  - Craig

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