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Re: load now pegs at 1

> Hi folks, little anomyly that I'd like to share.  I had a few probs with
> dpkg, and bash, which are now take care of thanks to the list. :-)  Only
> things is now I notice a load which doesn't drop below 1, even when I am
> not doing anything. 

First, run something like "top" to see if anything is taking up 
processor time.  If you notice a process using about 95% of the processor,
this would be the problem.

> Should I be looking for any other problems that I might not be aware of?
Yes.  Some processes can go into uninteruptable sleep.  They stay in
the run queue (and hence increase the load) but they don't suck up all
of the available processor cycles.  I had a problem with these when I
tried to gunzip a file on a bad filesystem.  I'm not sure how the 
filesystem got corrupted while mounted -- but the process could not
be killed, and I had to reboot so that I could unmount the partition and
check it with fsck.

> This is a single user machine p100 with 32megs of
> ram, and 16M of swap(I know should be 64...)
Well, it just depends on what you use.  I have 48 megs of ram, and almost
never touch my 32 megs of swap.  Why waste disk space on more?
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