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Re: IPX loading every 5 minutes

On Thu, 20 Feb 1997, John T. Larkin wrote:

> > properly.  Now I'm having a similar problem, except instead of not being
> > loaded, it's being loaded every five minutes.  An excerpt from my messages
> > Okay, now does anyone have a good idea as to how to suppress it?  :)
> The three ways I see of surpressing it:
> 	1) Stop using IPX.  
> 	2) Insert the ipx module with insmod rather than kerneld.  This
> 	  way it won't be removed and thus won't have to be loaded again.
> 	3) Compile IPX into your kernel.  Then the ipx module won't have
> 	  to be loaded at all.
> I'd recommend 2 as the best solution.  If there is some reason you can't
> keep ipx loaded all the time, you can change the behaviour of kerneld
> so that it takes more than 300 seconds to unload a module.  But then
> ipx would stay loaded anyway, because the 300+ second timer would be
> reset every 300 seconds.

Actually, the best solution (if the machine isn't connected to a novell
network and doesnt need ipx) is to disable ipx in /etc/conf.modules

extract from /usr/src/linux/Documentation/modules.txt:

        You could add these lines as well, but they are only "cosmetic":

            alias net-pf-3 off  # no ax25 module available (yet)
            alias net-pf-4 off  # if you don't use the ipx module
            alias net-pf-5 off  # if you don't use the appletalk module

Put one or more of these lines in /etc/conf.modules and kerneld will stop
loading the ax25/ipx/appletalk module whenever ifconfig will run.  This will
save memory, avoid filling up the log files with unwanted garbage, and best
of all, ifconfig will run a lot faster because it doesnt have to wait for 
the unwanted modules to load.


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