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Re: How do they burn CD's?

> From: Robert Nicholson <robert@elastica.com>
> To: debian-user@lists.debian.org
> Subject: How do they burn CD's?
> Date: Monday, February 17, 1997 6:08 AM
> What software does Cheapbytes and these other CD authoring firms use
> under Linux to cut a CD?
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   We use mkisofs and cdwrite with a yamaha 102 (about $600).   Once you
make the iso image you can mount it up using -loop and give it a try before
you use cdwrite.   Also you direct the output of mkisofs to a partition and
this up without using  -loop ( this is useful for testing out distributions
like debian
before we burn the CD)     

	mkisofs -o /mnt/deb.iso -R -P lsl  /mnt/distributions/debian
	cdwrite -s 2 -D /dev/sgc --yamaha /mnt/deb.iso

If you don't have a CDROM burner but do have a 4mm or 8mm tape you can
direct the output to the tape and send this off to the CDROM plant ... We
did this
for our first 5 or 10 CDs back when the burners were ~ $4000.

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