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Re: Automount (amd) cdrom and floppy

In article <Pine.GSO.3.93.970219195532.20058B-100000@atle>,
	Jonas Bofjall <job@abc.se> writes:
> What I and many other DOS -> Linux migrates wishes for, is a driver with
> which I can remove my floppy at any time. This would require that the
> floppy never is write cached. Once I heard of a program called SuperMount
> which could do this, but I never got it to work (it was old, and required
> kernel patching). 
Just get the *latest* supermount patches from
and try again! ;-)

It works great here with diskettes containing a DOS filesystem. The
ext2 filesystem is still not supported and the mounting of CD-ROMs is
not very mature either. But for your DOS floppies it is just wonderful
not to have to fiddle with the mount command! But then sometimes the
mtools are even more useful because of support of long filenames and
the like.
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