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Re: Help! Messed up my MBR part 2

On Sat, 22 Feb 1997, Rick Macdonald wrote:

> On Sat, 22 Feb 1997, Brian Hutchinson wrote:
> > Here is some more information on my sad state!
> Maybe I'll be the first to answer the simplest of your questions:
> The dos mbr can be replaced with dos fdisk:
> c:\=> fdisk /mbr
> ...RickM...
Yeah, but that doesn't help if he can't access his c: drive. (See his
follow up msg.) I have a  feeling he  might've totally screwed up the mbr,
in which case it's time to fdisk and see what's going on. If fdisk can't
read your partition, guess what, it's gone. I'd be impressed by the person
who can figure out a way to restore partition information once it's been


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