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Re: DepenGNUian Logo

On Wed, 19 Feb 1997, Joost Kooij wrote:

> Ronald van Loon wrote:
> >Maybe we should call ourselves DepenGNUian Linux from now on.
> I've always wondered why I saw nobody come up with the following idea:
> If you've ever watched a documentary on the tv (you know, that monitor 
> without a keyboard) about penguins, you must have noticed these animals' 
> typical tendency to cluster themselves together in large communities.
> Wouldn't an image of that be the ultimately descriptive Debian logo?
> Well, just a "thought", of course.
> Joost

Have you ever seen Nick Park's claymation "The Wrong Trousers"?  There's 
a really cute penguin in that short film.  Someday I may render one.


Daniel Robbins
School of Medicine Computer Services
University of New Mexico


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