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dselect problems


	I did an upgrade of some packages a few minutes ago and a notice a
problem with dselect settings:
	1.  As I choose to replace perl by a newer version it was removed
from my system and the new version was installed. The problem is that the
new version only is properly set after installation of all packages
causing some errors b/c dpkg doesn't find perl (there is perl5.037) but
the correct perl only will be set in the final stage, breaking the
installation process. 
	2. The netbase and netstd packages fail when upgraded together b/c
both are removed but the installation is performed in the inverse order of
dependencies, that is, netstd depend on netbase, but netbase is installed
after netstd, breaking the process.
	I don't know if this is a bug on dselect rules. But I think could
be fixed anyway.

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