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Re: DepenGNUian Logo

In article <87wws32zo1.fsf@uiuc.edu>, miller5@uiuc.edu writes:
> >>>>> "daniel" == Daniel Robbins <drobbins@unm.edu> writes:
>     > OK, ok, the penguin's a jewel thief, and he's evil.  But he
>     > has funny little beady eyes, and that's got to count for
>     > something.
> I think Gromit would be a better mascot.  Ultimately he was much
> more resourceful and capable than de penguin.

We may be onto something here!  Maybe Debian can be thought of
as the distribution that zags (Grommit) when everybody else
zigs (penguins).  Any comment?

I personally liked the Debian logos that were simple and involved
the jigsaw-puzzle type of design.  I myself suggested a very simple
design with a sketch to Christian (involved a magician's hat and
wand, with buzz disappearing in a puff of smoke and rex magically
appearing -- automagic upgrades, get it?), but it never showed
up on his logo page (my artwork was pretty bad).  The jigsaw
design suggested to me that Debian helps all the complex pieces
of Linux fit together smoothly :^)

If you pull up http://nfs.internetp.com/debian.html, you'll see
a Debian logo already in use -- one of the old jigsaw logos.  What
we need in a logo is something that is *catchy* -- that people
will remember the look of having seen it once.  That is a logo's
*primary* function, IMHO.

I personally think we're going in the wrong direction by relying
only on penguins.  I mean, look at Opus.  He lost out in the 1990
US Census to a cockroach as head-of-household ;^)

				Clemmitt Sigler
				Va. Tech Physics Dept.
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