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21041 dec-chip

i have just installed debian on my machine, however the network is 
"unreachable." i have an smc with a 21041 dec-chipset on it.  the module 
(tulip) was added without any problem upon installation. however when i 
rebooted the system i get these errors:

SIOCADDRT: Network is unreachable
SIOCADDRT: Network is unreachable

"ifconfig" and "route" only show the "lo" interface. no eth0.  i have 
been able to get the same type of card to work with debian sucsessfully, 
which makes this frustrating.  the only difference is this card connected 
via a bnc connector, the 'working machine' was 10baseT.  i know that i 
will need the eth0 interface for this to work.  i would appreciate some 

ps.  i tried "route add default eth0" and then
"route add default gw xx.yy.zz.1" which was a cheap hack that i have seen 
work before.  however i had no sucess with this.

thanks to whom reply,

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