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Re: Debian installation

Bruce Perens wrote:
> Am I reading this right? Could the extended partition in hda3 be
> overlapping the one in hda4? I see hda3 ending at 1260 and hda4
> beginning at 1024. I think the problem is that I don't understand
> extended partitions, and thus I don't see what the difference is
> between "begin" and "start".
> > /dev/hda5       1024  1261  1870  307408+ Linux native
> > /dev/hda6       1024  1871  2484  309424+ Linux native

This occurs not just on extended partitions, but may occur on partitions
with cylinders greater than 1024. It may force the "beginning" to be
multiples of 1024 or 512. I could not find explanation of the difference
between "begin" and "start" in the fdisk manual.

I inadvertantly had one disk running in this configuration for a year
without problems. I recently installed another large disk and placed a
DOS partition above 1024 cylinders. Win****95 then silently wrote all
over the linux partition. (This was annoying.)

If your BIOS supports it, it may be worth setting the disk to LBA mode
(you'll have to repartition all over again). Then there won't be a
problem with LILO either.

Evan Thomas
Department of Physiology
University of Melbourne
Parkville, 3052
ph: 9344-5849  fax: 9344-5818

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