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Re: fetchmail

>> Rob MacWilliams writes:
>> -> 
>> -> After installing fetchmail 3.4 I think my problems were caused by a
>> -> bad config file in smail.  Version 3.1 of fetchmail seemed to be
>> -> less forgiving of errors when connecting to smail.
>> -> If anyone is running smail on a dial-up PPP single user
>> -> non-networked SMTP system, I would appreciate hearing from them via
>> -> private e-mail.  These config files can be confusing.  When I get
>> -> this thing working properly, I will post the info to the list or
>> -> write a micro-howto.
>> **NOTE** The following instructions assume that your login on your ISP
>> and your login on your machine are one and the same. If not, you can
>> easily change incoming mail with the fetchmailrc, but outgoing mail
>> will be send with the wrong address. If anyone knows how to configure
>> fetchmail to rewrite From lines, please let me know :)
>> It's relatively easy to do.  I used smailconfig and answered as
>> follows:
>> >> (1) Internet site: You send and recieve mail over the internet...
>>   You ARE connected to the Internet, and that's how you send/recieve
>>   mail. fetchmail just slams the incoming data into localhost's SMTP
>>   port.
>> >> For what is the 'visible' mail name, use the host part of your
>>    email address.
>>   For instance, my email address is vizzie@airmail.net, so I answered
>>   "airmail.net"  here. This tells smail that mail with this name is
>>   meant for it, and that any mail it sens out should look like it came
>>   from this address.
>> >> for "Any other names", answer with any other domain names that may
>>    arrive on your machine

Don't you want your localhost name here?  It seems to me that cron, etc. would otherwise
send your system messages to your ISP?  For instance smail, if a message bounces it would go
to postmaster@airmail.net not back to you even if it was generated internally.  That is my concern,
my ISP doesn't need to have my error messages sent to him.  Maybe I'm out to lunch, I hope so,
because it would make my config job much easier.


>>    'none' is probably OK here, but look at a few of the mail addresses
>>    that arrive on your machine to be sure.
>> >> For "Do you have a smarthost.." give the name of your POP server.
>>    That way, you won't have mail sitting on your system for long
>>    periods of time, waiting to get out. 
>> >> for "Do you wish to use the smarthost" answer (1) All outbound mail
>>    All mail goes out onto a more-well connected host, so mail doesn't
>>    sit on your (sometimes connected) machine when transient errors
>>    occur.
>> >> For "Which user account(s) should system mail go to", use your
>>    login.
>>    That way all smail errors will be mailed to you.
>> Tell smailconfig to write the config files and off you go.
>> One other thing you need to do: add a blank line, followed by the
>> following lines to /etc/smail/directors. THIS SHOULD BE THE LAST LINES
>> OF THE FILE. Otherwise, mail loss is a definite possibility.
>> smartuser:
>>         driver=smartuser;
>>         new_user=$user@<insert POPhost here>, well_formed_only
>> That tells smail that any mail which it thinks is for it, but it
>> doesn't know how to deal with should be sent to your POP host.
>> Without those lines, you will not be able to send mail to anyone else
>> at your ISP.
>> After that, life should be happy, and smail should happily deliver
>> both incoming and outgoing mail.
>> To get fetchmail to suck the mail in, use something like this for a
>> ..fetchmailrc:
>> defaults
>>         user <login> is <login> password <password>
>> 	batchlimit 10
>> 	fetchall
>> server <POPhost>
>> 	protocol pop3
>> then you just type fetchmail, and it gets your mail, stuffs it into
>> smail, which delivers it to your mailbox, or through your .forward.
>> You can also add 'su -c "/usr/bin/fetchmail -d 600" <login>' to
>> /etc/ppp/ip-up and 'su -c "fetchmail --quit" <login>' to
>> /etc/ppp/ip-down to make it automagically check for mail every 600
>> seconds while your online (and shut it off when you're not)
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