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Re: Debian on the shuttle

Why does everyone keep saying that X should look like Win 95.  I don't want
to get into a shouting match about which is easer to use and those people
who like the Win 95 look and feel can stick with it.  I just don't like 
the fact that some people feel we should masqurade(?), I feel we should give
the option of looking like 95 but is looking like 95 that big of a deal.
I guess my tiff is not with the people working on making X look like 95 but
more with people who compare all operating systems and user interfaces with
Win 95.

Sorry for the rant...I'll be quiet now.

On Thu, 20 Feb 1997, W. Joseph Mantle wrote:
>Red Hat Linux 4.0 was awarded Best of 1996 by InfoWorld Magazine
>in the category of Desktop Operating Systems.  In that article
>I learned that "Red Hat...includes its own desktop windows with
>a Windows 95 look and feel."       ^^^^^^^
>Joe Mantle
>University of Illinois
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