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Re: Is there a dictionary for abbreviations like "WTF"?

 >> Hi, I would like to resolve these many abbreviations today, as AKA
 >> (also known as) WTF (???) ... So, is there any appropriate
 >> dictionary?  Thanks. Andreas.

Missed the beginning of this conversation.  Hope I'm not repeating

Online web computer dictionary:

Word list and other site:

Webster site:
I've attached an emacs interface to a webster dictionary below.

There was a post in comp.os.linux.announce today concerning a
commercial dictionary that can now be obtained.

I find myself using the online computer dictionary quite often.  The
word list site is great for creating really huge ispell lists.  I also
use the webster emacs interface frequently when I'm in emacs.  The
last I don't know much about other than it was posted just recently.


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