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Re: 'at' command

On Tue, Feb 18 1997, Mike Miller wrote:

> Thanks to those that replied with a working answer.
> bash$ at 10:30 <enter>
>       cdplay   <enter>
>       C-d       (I did at least know this much).
> I was disappointed by the flood of RTFM, however.  I couldn't find an
> example in the man pages, or Running Linux, or Unix in a Nutshell, where
> the command actually did anything.  Just something like 
> 	'at now + 5 minute' 
> without anything below.  I shouldn't be surprised, but I thought a debian
> list would be different.  I'll return to lurk mode.

I apologize if you took my citing of the man page as RTFM. Please attribute it
to my poor English. 

Both replies appearing on the list gave you working examples, pure RTFMs must
have been in private email.

I'd be embarrassed if any of those came from project members.

> 	Mike.
> hmm.... does Red Hat have a mailing list or newsgroup?

I think so, but why are you asking - some sort of (not so) subtle threat?
That doesn't look like good style either.

  -- Siggy

Siggy Brentrup <bsb@debian.org> aka: bsb@uni-muenster.de
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