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dosemu problems

When I run dosemu I get the follow errors.. anyone know how I can fix

Error: MBR not installed.
Kill dosemu from another VT
Boot from floppy to fix this.

Ok.. then I hit a key and get the following..

SYSCALL ERROR: 9, *Bad file number* in file vc.c, line 196: expr=
        close (mice->fd)
end_request: I/O error, dev 02:00, sector 0
SYSCALL ERROR: 6, *No such device or address* in file disks.c, line 466:
        open(dp->dev_name, dp->wantrdonly ? O_RDONLY : O_RDWR, 0)
ERROR: Sector not found in read_sector, error = Bad file number!
ERROR: can't boot from /dev/fd0, using harddisk

general protection at 0x0: 0
ERROR: SIGSEGV, protected insn...exiting!


Matthew Stone, 23 Roosevelt Drive, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada L4C6V1
               Cellular (416)729-1571 

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