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Re: Innd problems

On Wed, 19 Feb 1997, Matthew Stone wrote:

> Hmm.. I am having some problems with innd.. it seems that my innd when
> I try to run the daemon.. it doesn't stay in memory for some reason
> and there for when I run my news problem it can't connect.. 

read the logs in /var/log/news - innd is quite verbose (excessive unless
you edit /etc/syslog.conf to ignore news.notice) in it's logging. 

You'll want to look at /var/log/news.err or /var/log/news/news.crit. 
These log files will tell you what you're doing wrong.

> what am I do wrong.. am I missing any command lines parameters or
> anything that is needed??

since you haven't provide any details, i'll have to use my amazing psychic
powers and read your mind.......

.........aha! that's it! you haven't read the documentation! 

look in /usr/doc/inn.  in fact, look under all subdirectories of /usr/doc
- most of the things you would want to know about your system are
documented in there.   read the man pages too.

(i feel drained now.  i dont think i'll be able to repeat that stupendous
psychic feat for weeks) 

> Now.. there is one more question I have.. I would like to have no
> matter what I do when I run tin to go to the address listed in the
> /etc/news/server file.. so if I have say blah.blah.blah in it it will
> try and connect to blah.blah.blah when I run tin.. without the need of
> having to run tin -r to access that server..

'tin' is for accessing news in the local news spool. 'tin -r' is for
using a remote nntp server.

running 'rtin' is equivalent to 'tin -r', so just run rtin.

other than that, read the man pages and the docs under /usr/doc/tin - there
may (or may not) be an option for your ~/.tinrc which does what you want. 


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