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Re: fetchmail

>>>>> "Rob" == Rob MacWilliams <robmacw@cl-sys.com> writes:

>>> For instance, my email address is vizzie@airmail.net, so I
 >>> answered "airmail.net" here. This tells smail that mail with this
 >>> name is meant for it, and that any mail it sens out should look
 >>> like it came from this address.
 >>> >> for "Any other names", answer with any other domain names that
 >>> may arrive on your machine

 Rob> Don't you want your localhost name here?  It seems to me that
 Rob> cron, etc. would otherwise send your system messages to your
 Rob> ISP?  For instance smail, if a message bounces it would go to
 Rob> postmaster@airmail.net not back to you even if it was generated
 Rob> internally.  That is my concern, my ISP doesn't need to have my
 Rob> error messages sent to him.  Maybe I'm out to lunch, I hope so,
 Rob> because it would make my config job much easier.

bounces occur while your MTA is talking to the machine it is
delivering to.  So it does the bounce and does it correctly to the
local machine.  (at least with sendmail I assume smail is the same)
Heck I have sendmail on my machine translating both hostname and
usernames to different ones and there is no problem.


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