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Re: Epson Stylus 500 & apsfilter

I don't use  apsfilter but magic-filter but I think the mechanism is the same
for all printcap filters. In my case the filter script is specified in

Take a look in the script and you will find out how it call ghostscript. Then you
can modify the script to change or add parameters to the gs call. To find out
the parameters for the Epson Stylus take a look in /usr/doc/gs/devices.txt and
search for `Stylus'.

I have a Stylus 200 (cheap !!! 240$ CAN ~ 180$ US). The printout is excellent,
and usually better with ghostscript than with the Win95 driver. The result is
best with (La)TeX documents. Remember to turn on micro-weave when print
color. Text font is really smooth in color mode when micro-weave is turned on.

Good luck.

Linh Dang                                 Nortel Technology
Member of Scientific Staff                Speech Recognition Software

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