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Re: Linux -> Win NT 4.0 with Samba

Daniel Stringfield typed:
> I'm having a problem.  Not a big one, just annoying.
> I'm running the Samba server to export my home directory to my Windows
> NT 4.0 workstation.  I'm having problems when it comes up for my password.
> It's not accepting the password the first time, when I attach it as a
> drive.  (ie, net use f: \\linuxbox\username) 
> If this sounds like a NT problem.. well, don't flame me, just tell me. :)
I found that there was a problem with samba with case sensitivity.  For
example, if your password was PassworD, then it would fail. But if your
password was PASSWORD, then it would work.  No other combination except all
uppercase would work.

This was from Windows for Workgroups attempting to log a user drive via
samba.  It wasn't a deb package but the bog standard one.

  - Craig

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