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Re: Debian install tkdesk etc...

> I installed Debian from Infomagic winter edition.
> Dselect worked properly, except it did not configure/install
> 4 packages. 
> Now looking at the directories I see that X11/X11R6 is installed.
> I tried ghostview and it works properly.
> I even looked at the ftp site and saw that xlib6 depend on libc5.
> I ftpd and unzipped the latest libc5 library.

Well, you should never "unzip" (and probably untar) the libc5 files
yourself. Always use "dpkg" or "dselect" for that: they will remmeber
where the files went so that you can uninstall the packages, and they
will mark the "libc5" package as "installed". Still, I wonder how
you can unzip the debian libc5, as it's in ".deb" format. So, I
guess you didn't get the debian libc5 (did the filename end with .deb?).

To get recent debian packagres, ftp to ftp.debian.org (or on one to
it's mirrors)

> I still have the problem.

You mean, dpkg/dselect complaining that libc5 is not installed?
That was expected.

joost witteveen     joostje@debian.org
I came, I saw, ..., well, it wasn't free so I left again. (LUA, 1988)

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