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Re: debian-newbie list

On Fri, 21 Feb 1997, Susan G. Kleinmann wrote:

> Of course, we could break it up further.  For example, we could have 
> --an FAQ on installation and booting, and 
> --an FAQ on using the Debian archives.  
> --an FAQ on other Debian utilities or Debian practices.
> --an FAQ on printing and text utilities
> --an FAQ on TCP/IP problems, including PPP.
This would be a good idea in my opinion.
> An argument could be made that it might be a good idea to have user 
> lists that were broken up along the same lines as the FAQs.
This is possibly necessary, because there is so much traffic on this list.
Subscribing this list my dayly mail incresed from about 20 to more than
hundred letters. I'm afraid getting so much per day I sometimes realize
some important mails while pressing 'd' (delete this letter) while scanning
only the subjects.
Thanks for doing the job to write the FAQs


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