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Re: clock

 If you set the system clock (the real clock) to GMT, then MS Windows
 will also think that your are in England. (Maybe in Windows95 has a
 a way around it, don't know). To do that, (most likely you do not want it!)
 supply the "-u"  to the timezone script. It should work, but I never tried
 it. Alternativelly, set the kernel clock manually with the date command, 
 then " clock -w" to write it permanetly on the system (hardware) clock.

 You see, there are 2 different clocks:
 1. is what the kernal thinks and manipulated with date(1).
 2. the real clock on the motherboard, manipulated with clock(1).


Ioannis Tambouras 
ioannis@flinet.com, West Palm Beach, Florida
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