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Re: ldp and samba

Remco van de Meent typed:
> At 10:16 21-2-97 +1100, csmall@gonzo.triode.net.au wrote:
> >Remco van de Meent typed:
> >> Anybody any idea how to config smb.conf and lpd.*/printcap for adding
> >> printer services to samba?
> >I assume this means it is not working?  This is strange as I just used the
> >default parameter and it worked fine.
> >
> >What's happening/not happening, what does the logs say?
> >
> Windows just complains about "error occured during printing - restart
> windows". Logfiles say 'fine connected' but that's all..
Have you tried doing this using another server?  What does print manager
have when you bring up network connections window?
Oh, there is also smbstatus, that may help you too.

You have to restart windows -- major bummer eh?

  - Craig
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