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Re: /usr/include/linux, /usr/include/asm, ...


	The canned response comes from the readme file included with
 the kernel headers package. It has been gleaned from various
 discussions on the Debian Lists, and from private email from David
 Engel and Linus Torvalds.

	I am given to understand that Linus will incorporate language
 to recommend not using the symlinks when glibc 2.0 comes in wider use
 (since that library also provides it's own /usr/include/linux etc).

	The GNU libc v2.0 is where Linux is headed for (libc6). That
 library follows the conventions used in Debian today, so we all have
 to get used to this. 

	Also, look at /usr/doc/libc5/FAQ.gz (It is a subset of my
 canned response, but is a more widely circulated document)


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