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Re: fetchmail

Rob MacWilliams writes:
-> >> >> for "Any other names", answer with any other domain names that may
-> >>    arrive on your machine
-> >> 
-> Don't you want your localhost name here?  It seems to me that cron,
-> etc. would otherwise send your system messages to your ISP?  For
-> instance smail, if a message bounces it would go to
-> postmaster@airmail.net not back to you even if it was generated
-> internally.  That is my concern, my ISP doesn't need to have my
-> error messages sent to him.  Maybe I'm out to lunch, I hope so,
-> because it would make my config job much easier.

The question you asked falls into 2 different categories:

1) The debian smailconfig automatically assumes the FQDN is local, and
   lists it as such. That's why the instructions say not to include it

2) Smail automatically sends postmaster mail to the name you gave it
   in the config (usually yourself). So it's not a concern there. Cron
   &c, on the other hand get handled by case #1.

It confused me at first, until I read it. But you can look in the
generated smailconfig after the fact and verify that it is indeed


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