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Debian install tkdesk etc...

I installed Debian from Infomagic winter edition.
Dselect worked properly, except it did not configure/install
4 packages. Two of them I mention here:

tkdesk. The complain is that it depends on xlib.
motifnls. The complain is that it depends on xbaseR6.

Now looking at the directories I see that X11/X11R6 is installed.
I tried ghostview and it works properly.
I even looked at the ftp site and saw that xlib6 depend on libc5.
I ftpd and unzipped the latest libc5 library. I still have the
  What to do? (ftp on debian is not yet installed. for that I still
use Slackware.)


Hass, alkoss, gyarapits,
S a haza fényre derül.

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