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RE: load now pegs at 1

You have not given a sufficient amount of information to diagnose the problem. 
What process is causing the high load.  I suspect that it is syslogd.  If this
is the case, you probably have some directories specified in /etc/syslog.conf
that do not exist on your machine.  Comment out the lines in /etc/syslog.conf
and reboot (although there must be a more gentle way to restart syslogd). 
Things should then work OK.  Of course, if syslogd is not the cause of the high
load, then all bets are off.


On 20-Feb-97 Richard Morin wrote:
>>Hi folks, little anomyly that I'd like to share.  I had a few probs with
>dpkg, and bash, which are now take care of thanks to the list. :-)  Only
>things is now I notice a load which doesn't drop below 1, even when I am
>not doing anything.  This is a single user machine p100 with 32megs of
>ram, and 16M of swap(I know should be 64...)
>Should I be looking for any other problems that I might not be aware of?
>Rich M
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