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Re: IMPORTANT: RSA Data Security Challenge participants please read

Bruce, I feel I have to reply after reading some follow ups, including yours.

> It was OK for us to participate as "debian@debian.org" in the RSA Data
> Security Challenge as long as we didn't have any chance of beating
> the "Linux" group. It looks as if we do have a chance. It would be real

Well Bruce, with all due respect, have you looked at the numbers? This "linux" group has been participating for 150 hours. We (debian@debian.org) have been participating for about 110... but they have 10 times the keyblocks! Doesn't that tell you something? I don't think there's a real chance of beating them.

> embarassing to beat them. So please, if you are participating, change your
> reporting address to "linux@linuxnet.org" NOW. I have asked the
> statistics-keepers to add the figure for debian@debian.org to that for
> linux@linuxnet.org .

I'll change it as soon as someone explains to me what the heck is "linuxnet". It's not linux.org. They don't have a web server, and a simple search using AltaVista reveals this is some sort of IRC network based on linux servers. They are NOT Linux.

On the other hand I know what debian.org is... well, maybe. Isn't Debian about group collaboration worldwide? That's what the "controversial" press release said. I think THIS is worldwide collaboration. A LOT of people willing to put machine time to make a POLITICAL STATEMENT. The money? I don't care about it. If I'd care about the prize I'll be running the thing under mmagallo@efis.ucr.ac.cr... who knows? I may get lucky. But that's not it. I beleive in the Debian Project, and I prefer Debian over RedHat and others because of it's users (along with many incredible features it has)! If one of the machines I administer turns out to find the correct answer, I'm donating the money to Debian/FSF/Linux.

You have made some really good bad-points about what the people may perceive about Debian if it wins. But I think we can make some really good good-points if that happens.

We are not trying to beat Linux. We ARE (part of) Linux. We are Debian/GNU Linux. We are NOT RedHat/Slackware/whatever. We like them, but we are not them.

Please reconsider.

	Marcelo Magallon

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