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Re: Bug with libraries? -I'm having this problem!


	I installed Debian 1.2.6 with the fixes and had the same problem.
The solution, it turns out, is to update the path listing in
/etc/ld.so.conf by adding a line that says "/usr/X11R6/lib", without the
quotes of course, and then running /sbin/ldconfig to update the ld cache
	According to the ldconfig man page, ldconfig is normally run at
boot time, but it was commented out in my configuration.  This is probably
a mistake in the installation process.  See the ld.so and ldconfig man
pages.  Perhaps a message was flashed to me during the installation of the
X clients which used those libraries or the X libraries themselves and I
just missed it.
	Loading a library dynamically is a fairly new concept to me and
the workings of ld.so even newer.  If there was a message it should be
clearer.  If there was no message there should be.  Or have the
installation process uncomment the line that invokes lddconfig.  It sure
had my panties in a bunch for a while.  Good luck!


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