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Re: load now pegs at 1

> First, run something like "top" to see if anything is taking up 
> processor time.  If you notice a process using about 95% of the processor,
> this would be the problem.
> > Should I be looking for any other problems that I might not be aware of?
> Yes.  Some processes can go into uninteruptable sleep.  They stay in
> the run queue (and hence increase the load) but they don't suck up all
> of the available processor cycles.  I had a problem with these when I
> tried to gunzip a file on a bad filesystem.  I'm not sure how the 
> filesystem got corrupted while mounted -- but the process could not
> be killed, and I had to reboot so that I could unmount the partition and
> check it with fsck.

Thanks John, and Paul.  I found a process which seemed to be a tar 
with some strange switches that just wouldn't die with a kill -9.  
Reboot took care of it, and load is now at its happy average of 0 or 
just above.

I hereby promise not to abandon the list when I can answer questions such as 
these for other novices.  :-)  You can hold me to that one!  

Is there any plan to have a debian-newbie to take some of the load 
off of debian-user?  It seems that the tone of the list has taken a 
little dip as the volume has increased.  Don't get me wrong, this 
list is my fave!  Folks on the whole are just fabulous, however, there 
_have_ been a couple of hot messages in the past few weeks.

Rich M

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