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Re: #38544: Gettext solution Re: #38544: Gettext solution (Was: Re: gettext packages) Re: #38544: gettext: split package into -base and -dev (sans sujet) (xmysqladmin license problem) Re: Packages up for adoption .deb integrity check Re: /etc/dpkg/shlibs.default (was: Re: ITP: stalin - it's now GPLed.) /etc/environment /etc/init.d/network - route commands /etc/profile.d ? /var/tmp? 2.2.10 and masquerading. 2.2.x bug... [bam: Re: ssh vs kerberos] [comp.os.linux.announce] CIPE 1.3.0 - encrypting IP tunnel [comp.os.linux.announce] Common UNIX Printing System 1.0 BETA 3 [comparing plotting packages] Re: Developing Re: [dpkg bug?] `packages.c:191: process_queue: Assertion `dependtry <= 4' failed.' [INTENT TO PACKAGE] id3ed [ITP] gphoto [ITP] Is anyone packaging `lxr' and `bonsai'? [ [ NA Digest, V. 99 # 25]] [OFF-TOPIC] Blacklisting dialup IPs. [OFF-TOPIC] Clueless ISPs [PAM] Not working right for imap [PAM] `su' doesn't work at boot time. [PAM] service names: What should they be? Re: [PAM] Should `ssh' depend on `libpwdb'? [PATCH] Found a problem with Exim-3.02-1 [Philadelphia] Debian user's group meeting: Debian Policy Re: [PROPOSAL DRAFT]: editor and sensible-editor [PROPOSED] Swap the "open" and "official" versions of the new logo [ License] FWD: [svlug] Linus Torvalds at BALUG Debian Benefit on 6/15, RSVP ASAP. [withdrawn ITP] lxr : `global' does everything I need. [WNPP] Program to learn other languages [XEmacs] New Maintainer, soonish. Abandoning ITP of rasmol (it's already done... -whew- :) aborting installation of a package in the preinst FWD: About Configuration Management Re: Add "nice -10" to /etc/crontab run-parts commands? Adopting xanim (non-free, boo hiss) All swirl themes packaged? [was Re: Swirl theme for FVWM] All the netscape problems to go away? Alternate inofficial logo Re: Alternatives in /bin (Was: Re: Bugs in bash (was: Release-critical Bugreport)) Amanda questions Re: Anacron (was: Add "nice -10" to /etc/crontab run-parts commands?) RE: Anacron (was: Add "nice -10" to /etc/crontab run-parts comma Anacron (was: Add "nice -10" to /etc/crontab run-parts commands?) Another pam problem anybody in Chicago/Naperville/Lisle, IL ? anybody in San Francisco ? (I'm sure :-) Anyone notice vote in progress? (Was: Alternate inofficial logo) anyone want to package SCOOBS? (GPL'ed XML Search Engine) anyone working on slapd with SSL support? APT 0.3.7 Released! APT 0.3.7 slink packages at; potato packages in archive Apt and multi-cd??? autoloading of ppa module Automatic access to master automatic bug closing feature causes two mails Automatic reply Automatically closing bugs Automatically restart daemons away for 9 weeks and related info Away for a few days Badges? Bastille linux : secure linux distribution Big problems with arch-indep perl-based packages on archs other than i386 bind's future non-dfsgness (Re: Release-critical Bugreport for June 25, 1999) FWD: Re: booth form Debian in .org pavilion? Broken potato packages Broken tzconfig BTS is too slow? (was Re: enough already: xaw-wrappers is fixed) Bug 40000 bug in install Re: Bug#23355: PROPOSED] On closing of bugs Re: Bug#26022 acknowledged by developer (mc: /usr/lib/mc/term/) Re: Bug#38523: ipopd: doesn't care about other pop-3 daemons Re: Bug#38544: #38544: Gettext solution (Was: Re: gettext packages) Re: Bug#38544: Gettext solution (Was: Re: gettext packages) Re: Bug#38544: gettext: split package into -base and -dev Bug#38908: Apparently random system freeze Bug#39818: samba-common: Upgrading Samba from the Slink version (fwd) Re: Bug#39823: tetex-bin: Texinfo tools should have their own package =( Bug#39977: corrupt mailcap entry Re: Bug#40115: reportbug: needs to display open bug reports Re: Bug#40197: mutt: cannot send messages Re: Bug#40307: Imagemagick convert program Bug#40400: can't send email using mutt Bug#40474: general: Emacs packages should use --no-site-file --no-init-file for compilation Re: Bugs in bash (was: Release-critical Bugreport) bugs on -devel? Re: build cluster for all architectures. building Sources Caldera and Debian? Re: CALL for PAM support calling Philip Hands <> Re: calling Philip Hands <> [OFF TOPIC] Re: calling Philip Hands <> [the long version] Canadians: Alternative Linux chown versus lchown -- dh_fixperms on links Compile-time options copyright must be written in English? Corel and Debian (Was: Re: Caldera and Debian?) Corel Linux Advisory Council cvs from slink not Y2K compliant dbootstrap Debian benefit - $7k donated to Debian Debian Books debian hardware (laptops) debian menu tree changes, automatic optimization, hints, etc Debian QA Group and orphaned The last update was on 08:48 GMT Wed Dec 14. There are 2267 messages. Page 1 of 5.

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