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Re: APT 0.3.7 Released!

On Sun, Jun 20, 1999 at 09:04:47PM -0700, Ben Gertzfield wrote:
> The Debian APT team would like to announce the release of the
> latest version of APT, the next-generation packaging tool for
> Debian GNU/Linux, version 0.3.7!
> This release fixes many bugs, and now APT supports downloading of the
> source to any Debian package! By running the command 'apt-get source
> packagename' APT will automatically fetch the original source .tar.gz
> and Debian .diff.gz patch and extract them into a directory. Now it's
> easy to build your own .deb packages from source without hunting
> through the FTP archives.
> Make sure to update your /etc/apt/source.list with a line like:
> deb-src http://http.us.debian.org/debian unstable main contrib non-free

Hello, ...

i use two different syjet cartridges to mirror sources and binaries of

How would i write the above /etc/apt/source.list line for that ?



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